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A cozy bed invites nice sleep and can give your bedroom a classy touch. The strength of the bed frame matters as it ensures comfortable sleep free of breakage fear. The Artiss king single wooden timber bed frame offers you all your needs for your bedroom and much more. This bed frame is made using pine wood and is good for adults and kids. It is stable and strong, thus providing needed support for people of all weights for as long as you sleep.

The Artiss ` wooden timber bed frame is painted white using non-toxic paint around the frame. The color is neutral, meaning the bed can easily fit with your bedroom décor or wall paint. With Artiss king single, your family will not ask for more, as the kids can easily get on it without needing you swaying them to sleep. It is simple, and its unique features make this bed a perfect fit for any bedroom, even with limited space.


The Artiss king single wooden timber bed frame has several unique features that make it stand out. These are discussed below.

Suitable for Adults and Children

The base of the bed is fitted with solid plywood slat to provide sturdy support for your mattress. There is also reinforced support across the frame to provide extra support, making the bed structure unshakable. Additionally, the bed comes with heavy-duty steel fixings reinforcing all the parts of the bed. This will ensure your bed is durable and intact even with children playing on it.

Ample Storage

Sometimes we all read while on the bed or update a diary while about to sleep, and we do not want to get out of there. The Artiss king single wooden timber bed frame offers you ample storage space, so you do not need to get out of bed to keep your book or diary. The headboard of this bed has three open compartments and one closed shelf folding down. The bed also has additional space beneath the frame for fitting more storage boxes or trundle drawers.  This means that the bed allows you to utilize your space fully; therefore, suitable for those with limited space. With this bed, your library can be at arms reach while you wake up in the morning or when you want to catch up on your reading before a goodnight sleep.

Strong Plywood Slats

Though the slats add to the stability of the bed frame, it also ensures your weight is evenly distributed throughout the bed frame. With a suitable mattress, this bed offers you comfortability and supports your back health. The slats are also closely fitted, thus ensuring the mattress does not sink and allow air to circulate in the mattress freely.

Reinforced Bracket Support

After a long day of work, you want to throw yourself on the cozy bed and ease the tiredness and the ache from work.  You want a bed that is stable to handle the impact from sitting or falling. The Artiss king single wooden timber bed frame is reinforced with bracket support to withstand vigorous movement and physical force. It means that this bed can last you longer than other non-reinforced regular beds. Health practitioners agree that the body recuperates during sleep; therefore, feeling supported by a sturdy and reinforced bed ensures overall health.

Fits a Standard Australian Size Mattress

The Artiss king single wooden timber bed frame is made with the designs and sizes of Australian mattresses in mind. This means that after the bed will likely fit your existing mattress without any hassle. The mattress available in the Australian market also fit perfectly well on this bed, so that you can choose to buy the bed and the mattress.

Non-Toxic Paint

As you release carbon dioxide during sleep, you need fresh oxygen to enhance your rest. A toxic bed paint can cause breathing trouble for you and your kids. The Artiss king single wooden timber bed frame is finished with non-toxic paint to ensure you do not inhale damaging toxins that could affect your breathing and general health.

Easy to Assemble

The Artiss king single bed frame is easy to assemble and has a clear manual showing where each part fits. After delivery, you will be sleeping on your bed in no time.

Common Questions

Is the Artiss king single wooden timber bed frame fit for confined space?

With an overall dimension of 227.5cm x 117cm x 115cm, the Artiss king single bed frame is suitable for limited space. Additionally, the bed provides ample storage space in drawers and beneath the base for keeping extra personal stuff that would otherwise occupy space.

Does the Artiss king single bed frame squeak?

The frames are fitted with heavy-duty steel fixing for stability. The result is a noiseless bed that ensures you can change position without a hint of a sound from the frames.

What are the functions of the Artiss king single bed frame headboard?

The headboard has an open and closed compartment for keeping personal things, such as a book or diary. They also provide sleepers with extra protection from the cold. Additionally, this feature can also protect you from the wall when you turn or toss at night.

What material is used to make the Artiss king single bed frame?

The frame is made from pine wood, which is strong with shock-resistant quality suitable for those who love rustic or country style. Over time the frame from pinewood acquires an appealing look with an antique-like quality.  The Artiss king single bed frame is not only strong but also stylish, providing your house with the added beauty and comfort.

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