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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought several Australians into an unfamiliar environment, as companies require employees to work from home. Households have had to create home offices. It is close to two years since the first order of stay-at-home, and many remote workers are experiencing pain and discomfort from sitting for long hours on home chairs that are not back-friendly. Working from the office gave employees various movements, such as commuting to work, walking around the office, or even going for lunch. However, working from home is limited in movement variety, with workers spending lots of time in one place sitting on chairs not suitable for work.

You may have a study table you are now using for work; nevertheless, you also need an appropriate quality chair to better position your body and support your back. Let's consider one of the best ergonomic chairs that can transform your home office workstation. The ErgoMech chair allows your body to experience natural mobility and adaptation different from the modern-day norm of static sitting.

Features of ErgoMech Chair

Various features of the ErgoMech chair make them suitable for your back and general health. Let's take a look at these features that make this chair your preferred work-from-home partner.

Seat Height

ErgoMech has a gas lift that allows you to adjust its height to what is comfortable for you. The right height enables you to place your feet on the floor, which is different for everyone. The adjustable gas lift makes this seat ideal for people of all heights.

Seat Tilt

The ErgoMech chair allows for a seat tilt, thus enabling the correct positioning of the pelvic. Doctors say that anterior pelvic tilt is one of the major causes of posture problems, affecting everybody who sits for long. The ErgoMech chair keeps your pelvis rested in a neutral position, with your hips, ankles, and knees at 80- degrees angles.

Backrest and Lumbar Support

Backrest support is a dominant feature in this chair, taking care of your lower back. The design of the ErgoMech chair supports the natural S shape of your spine, preventing slumping and stress on the pelvis and spine. The chair's adjustable backrest enables users to sit appropriately and allow the curve of the chair to align with the spine's curve for maximum support. Since ErgoMech chair height is adjustable it also offers optimal support for the lumbar region. The chair is built to support your spine throughout the day.

Backrest Recline 

The backrest of the ErgoMech chair is adjustable, thus allowing you to tailor your position. You can move the chair's backrest to provide more support to your neutral spine position. Additionally, this feature enables the backrest to distribute some weight from the upper body, thus minimizing pressure on the muscles and spinal disks. With a backrest recline, you can reach out for something while seated and come to your natural position. It also allows you to stretch your back after sitting for long hours or relax with a footrest to give your back a breather.

Freely Pivoting Seats

The ErgoMech chair has a freely moving pivot that can rotate and allowing you to get things with ease while seated. The maneuverability of the chair makes it simple to reach different parts of your working desk without straining excessively.


Having a comfortable armrest in the ergometric chair is key to reducing tensions building in the upper body, thus relaxing your shoulders. Remember, you should not use an armrest while typing as this would limit arm movement. With an adjustable armrest, the ErgoMech chair enables you to set them at a 90-degree angle for resting your forearms for a relaxed shoulder. You can also adjust the width of the armrests to keep them close to your body for enhanced comfortability when resting.


The headrest of the chair offers support for your head and upper neck. This help in reducing tension in the upper torso and shoulders.


The ErgoMech chair is made with comfortable materials. Even with long working hours, the material will not sweat your back. The sitting area, backrest, and armrest are padded with soft fabric that prevents your body from uncomfortable pressing on the chair's frame. The comfortability of the material ensures you can sit for a long time. Additionally, the chair's fabric is easy to clean without needing a professional.


The ErgoMech chair has wheels fitted with soft rubber to help you navigate through your home office with ease. The rotating pivot works well with the wheels in giving you 360 degrees of movement. The chair's base is a five-star base, preventing the chair from tipping or lifting your feet off the ground when adjusting your posture.

Common Questions

Can an ErgoMech Chair Improve my health?

Yes. The ErgoMech chair reduces discomfort, pain, and joint weakness when you use it for long hours, as in those working from home. This chair enables you to focus on your job without worrying about back pain. Your worker's morale will receive a huge boost when they sit on a chair that cares about their comfort and health.

How do I set my chair and desk height?

The ErgoMech chair has a gas lift to help you set the correct seat height for the home office. The lower and upper arms should be at 90 degrees with each other. Your thighs and lower legs should also be in the same degrees as your feet on the floor. However, if your desk is adjustable, you could adjust your seat height to knee level.

What is the recommended sitting position while working?

Adopting an appropriate sitting position is vital in maintaining a healthy back, spine, and good posture. When working, sit with your back and shoulders straight to help enhance your physical health and make you feel confident. Your key body parts should be supported and correctly aligned with the correct amount of muscle tension. Therefore, avoid crossing ankles and knees, maintaining a relatively small gap between the chair and the back of the knees. Ensure your knees are at the same height as your hips, with your ankles ahead of the knees.

Are the head and neck support of the ErgoMech Chair high enough?

Yes. A regular person's height will benefit from this feature unless you are exceptionally tall. The ErgoMech chair has a high neck and head support, providing exceptional support, especially if you are sitting long hours working.


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