John Cootes: 100% Australian-Owned and Operated Since 1981 - John Cootes

John Cootes: 100% Australian-Owned and Operated Since 1981

John Cootes is a 100% Australian-owned furniture and home entertainment company; offering a huge variety of products for all Australians, some of which include indoor/outdoor furniture for the home and garden, home appliances and entertainment, fitness equipment and much more. Our head offices are in Sydney and Melbourne, which means we know and understand what our fellow Aussie customers want and need. John Cootes provides its customers with an exciting online shopping experience, mega deals, exceptional warranties and multiple payment options. We source our products from Australian-based suppliers to help boost our economy and we will continue to support small businesses in Australia so that we can keep fellow local businesses open during these challenging times.

COVID-19 has affected the lives of all Australians in one way or another, which has also greatly impacted our economy. Nevertheless, it has highlighted the need to support Australian made companies and businesses; a crucial step in the recovery process. The pandemic shifted the spotlight on the country’s manufacturing and supply chain sectors, showing the value and the fragility of these sectors within Australia.

Any Aussie can contribute and boost various industries by seeking out and doing business with Australian-owned and operated companies and businesses. This way, we contribute to the revival of the economy after the ravaging of COVID-19. Now is the time to support and champion Australian bread businesses, so that we can all do our bit in revamping our economy.

As the economy is opening up and vaccination rates continue to rise, businesses are beginning to open their doors again in Australia. However, the pandemic's hangover effects have left Australia bracing for its next challenge, an impending recession. This is a huge threat for small businesses in our country that had their doors closed for months during the pandemic, with many never to open again. With the Australian economy projecting a possible post-pandemic economic meltdown, thankfully here at John Cootes, we have continued to operate, albeit not without a couple of challenges.

Keeping Australian small businesses open is key to job and economic growth. These businesses contribute a third of our GDP and are responsible for 97% of the country's employment. Without the full support from Australians these businesses would be in trouble and so would the Australian economy.

Supporting Local Business Support Dreams

Aussies lean on each other in times of need. There is no better way to help a fellow Aussie than to buy from a local business. Keeping these Aussie-owned and operated businesses open and operating is key for our nation and is simply the Aussie thing to do.

Help Keep Money in Our Economy

Keeping money in our economy is one way we can combat any potential threat of a recession. Buying from local businesses will keep money circulating in our economy and help to sustain and grow our Australian businesses.

John Cootes Gives Aussies Reason for Support

Apart from being 100% Australian-owned and operated, we continue to provide you with quality furniture and home entertainment in our online store at an affordable price. At John Cootes, we pride ourselves on our quality customer service at the click of a button, to deliver what you ordered to your doorstep. Thank you for your continued support.


John Cootes Customer Support

John Cootes Customer Support

Dear Aimee,
I wanted to reach out regarding your enquiry about a product or gift card you may have purchased prior to July 9th, 2019. It’s important to note that the business you transacted with at that time was a different entity than the one that has been trading under the John Cootes brand since July 9th, 2019.

JCF Management Pty Ltd (ACN 155 119 645) used to operate the John Cootes Furniture business and website before July 9th, 2019. However, the customer service team at is unable to assist you with enquiries that relate to products or gift cards purchased prior to that date. The John Cootes goodwill and intellectual property were sold by the previous owners on July 9th, 2019, and from that date, the John Cootes website is now operated by a new and distinct business with new ownership.

Thank you for your understanding and please let us know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,
John Cootes Customer Support

Aimee lee

Aimee lee

Hello we brought a lounge less then 10yrs ago from Tuggerah nsw and we got a 10year warranty with the material and frame how do we go about getting it replaced or fixed up thank you
Kind Regards
Aimee lee

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