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Artiss 2x Leather Bar Stools: Your Preferred Bar and Kitchen Companion

During this pandemic, we have spent more time at home than ever before, and we have noticed several things to improve around the house. One of the major places we have visited frequently is the kitchen, preparing healthy meals for your family for better immunity. After preparing a meal, would it not be nice to sit by the kitchen table and enjoy your delicious meal? Or maybe you are thinking of establishing a mini bar in the house or improving the quality of your bar chairs if you own a bar business. The Artiss 2x leather bar stool is the perfect option, providing you with the ultimate comfortability and class that benefits a king.


Several features of this chair make it outstanding and suitable for your home. Let's take a look at why you should not miss this beauty in the house.

Premium PU Leather

The Artiss 2x leather bar stool's sitting area and the backrest are covered with PU leather and extra-thick foam padding for ultimate comfort that allows you to sit for longer periods of time. With a glossy, smooth finish, the PU leather is easier to clean by wiping it down. This means that if soda, red wine, or vodka spills on the stool, there’s no need to panic; just wipe the mess and the stool will be good as new. It is also durable, meaning you will not be running to the shop often to replace it.

Checkered Pattern Backrest

The backrest also has extra thick foam, providing lumbar support. This will prevent your body from slumping and takes the stress off your back if you are sitting for a long time. The backrest provides a supporting surface, making this stool feel more secure.

360 Degree Swivel

The 360 degree swivel makes the chair easy to get into by easily turning it right or left. With the swivel, you can easily swing to face the kitchen, talk to someone on the other side of the other corner, or watch TV. You can use the stool at restaurants, kitchens, balconies, living rooms, counters, bars, balconies, and more.

SGS Gas Lift Lever

The gas lift makes this stool multi-purpose usable for numerous surfaces at your home. The stool is approximately 50cm, and you can pull it up to 92-112cm to provide comfortable seating at different table heights.

Semi-Circular Footrest

The footrest offers great comfort to ensure that you can relax freely. The large steel base improves the stool’s stability without the scare of falling off. The beam in the middle of the stool is also non-corrosive stainless steel, offering additional stability that supports up to 150kg.

Modern Design

The Artiss 2x leather bar stool has a modern design that makes your kitchen or bar look classy. It is exquisite artistry that combines comfortability and durability, allowing you to adjust the height to fit your preference.

Common Questions

What are the dimensions of the Artiss 2x leather bar stool?

The base has a diameter of 41cm. The sitting area dimensions are 43cm wide, 6cm deep, and 37cm high. The stool can be pulled to 112cm in height using a gas lift or down to 72cm.

How much space should be allowed between one bar stool to the other?

Often 15cm apart is adequate distance  between one chair and another, providing you enough to eat or drink comfortably without bumping into each other. This figure is a guide, but you can adjust accordingly depending on your needs, preference, and width of stool.

How much room should I allow my legs under the counter?

Easily space your legroom if you are tall, which is approximately 23-28cm between the counter and lap. This room can enable you to cross your legs easily without stepping on your neighbor seated next to you.

How do I clean my Artiss 2x leather bar stool?

It is easy to clean your stool in case of a spill using some basic rules and tips. All you need is a soft brush and a cloth to wipe your leather clean, without water.

How do I fix a broken bar stool?

Although this bar stool is quality, some things may go wrong, which will require you to follow the manual for the correct setup. If any parts do not work, you can contact John Cootes for a replacement part.

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