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Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Options with John Cootes

Work from home directions during the pandemic means that we are spending more time at home than ever before. We are noticing more and more things in and around the home that require improvement or upgrading. For instance, we may see the need for new paint that could bring life to our living rooms or the dining table is on its last leg and needs a replacement. We may also realise that our sofa has become uncomfortable or simply does not fit well with the living room décor. Whatever changes or upgrades we may deem necessary to improve our home, they can be easily purchased online at John Cootes, with just a few clicks.

With the rise in the cost of living, buying home furnishings can be expensive and often pushed aside as a low priority. The idea of purchasing any new pieces of furniture can also be compounded by other more pressing bills we may have that require more immediate attention and priority. What if there was a solution that would allow us to have whatever we want now and we simply pay for it over a period of time?

Welcome to the new age in online shopping; the buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) era has arrived! John Cootes provides you with various BNPL options that suit your needs and individual circumstances. We now offer a variety of different options so that you can have what you want without the stress of dipping into your hard-earned savings accounts all at once.


Probably the most well-known BNPL option available on the market is Afterpay. With Afterpay, you make your first installment at the time of purchase and pay the remainder every fortnight for a total of four equal payments. This option gives you a breather when handling bills, so that you can buy whatever you need and sort out payments on a fortnightly basis. The installments are interest-free and the only fees to worry about are for late payments.

Afterpay is great because it provides you with a payment schedule and regular reminders so that you can avoid making any late or missed payments. The approval is done in seconds to facilitate your purchase experience and does not affect your credit file. Additionally, there is a loyalty program called Pulse Rewards for customers who spend responsibly and make their payments on time. You can join for free using the mobile version or the app. Pulse Rewards offers some great features, including not making the first payment on the day of purchase, giving you even more financial relief. It also allows you to reschedule some of your repayments to a later date if you need that extra bit of time to make a payment.


A brand new BNPL option on the market, giving you the flexibility of shopping for what you want without breaking your piggy bank by allowing you to split your purchase cost into four interest-free payments. With Klarna, you pay when your item has been shipped, providing you the opportunity of a few days reprieve before making your first payment. Klarna also enables you to report any returns to the app to adjust your credit balance so that you only pay for what you own.

Klarna is similar to Afterpay in that it requires payment installments every two weeks with no interest charged. In addition to the pay in thirty days, Klarna also offers financing for long-term credit. This allows you to spread the cost of expensive purchases over a 6 to 36-month period.

The partnership between Klarna and Flybuys allows loyal customers to benefit from gaining rewards points for each purchase. Flyby members using Klarna can use the collected points to get products from the rewards store and save towards future shopping, including some great travel deals.

Zip Pay and Zip Money

You may opt for Zip Money if your daily spending account limit is above $1,000. Zip Pay is similar to Afterpay in allowing fortnightly payments for smaller purchases, usually less than $1,000. Zip Pay allows you to spread your monthly installments over a maximum period of 24 months for an interest-free payment. The minimum payment is set at $40 or 3% of the outstanding balance, whichever is higher, and a $7.95 monthly account fee, which will be waived if you maintain zero statement balances. It is different from Zip Pay as it is used by those making larger purchases. Similar to Klarna, financing is provided for a long-term payment option. It is suitable if your everyday spending account is below $1,000, such as buying a new Samsung TV, an Objekt sofa, or a new Sleep and Co mattress.

Latitude Pay

Latitude Pay enables you to buy products from John Cootes and make the repayment over 10 weeks without any interest accrued. You will pay no fees if you make your payment before the 10 weeks, giving you a little extra time to pay off your purchase. The payments are automated and you will receive regular reminders so that you do not forget or miss a payment. Latitude Pay requires you to sign up for an account and approval is done in seconds, so that you can begin enjoying your shopping experience straight away. There is a credit check involved with this provider, however once approved it does allow you to change certain scheduled dates to suit your cash flow needs.

PayPal Pay in 4

Pay in 4 allows you to make online purchases between up to $1,500, which you will be required to pay in 4 bi-weekly installments for 6 weeks. There are no fees or interest associated with Pay in 4, and your credit score is also not affected by this loan. Make the first payment on the day of purchase, while the rest are distributed in 3 installments paid every 15 days until the balance is cleared. This product makes your purchase more manageable if you want to buy electronics or furniture. You do not need to sign up since it is backed with PayPal, meaning you must have a PayPal account before using Pay in 4. A great benefit of using Pay in 4 is that you will enjoy the benefit of Buyer Protection when making your purchases.

The Takeaway

The availability of buy-now-pay-later options provides you with an opportunity to enjoy things you want even before your paycheck hits the account. John Cootes allows you to use all of these options at no extra cost. Simply choose your BNPL option and we will provide the goods to you at your convenience. Remember, most BNPLs have certain requirements, such as being 18 years before signing up and some require credit checks before being approved. It is wise to do your research first and find a provider that works well with your situation. Sticking to the same provider can provide further benefits, like loyalty reward programs and extra flexibility options.

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