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Devanti Desktop Air Purifier with HEPA Filter and Carbon Ioniser: Fresh Air for Better Health

The COVID-19 pandemic enhanced a work from home policy and many corporations intend to continue with this policy post-pandemic. It means that your home office may stay operational for a long period of time. Since many homes are not constructed with the office dynamics in mind, the air quality may not be ideal and could interfere with your overall productivity.

If you wonder how to transform your home office station into a real office with quality air, look at the Devanti Desktop Air Purifier. You can place this machine on your desk, providing healthier and cleaner air for your lungs as your work (or play). Devanti Desktop Air Purifier has a unique feature that makes it ideal for your office, breathing life this season. You could buy it as a Christmas present for your hard working partner or parent.


Some of the appealing features that make this air purifier stand out are as follows:

3-Layer Filtration Systems

Devanti Desktop Purifier utilizes a 3-layer filtration system capable of removing 99.7% of harmful particles and allergens. This machine is efficient in cleaning your office air, removing small particles of 0.3 microns in size. This machine will breathe life into your office, enabling you to think clearly for better productivity.

Built-In Ionizer

This feature aids in air purification by producing negative ions. The negative ions bind with harmful positively charged particles, neutralizing and removing them. Devanti Desktop Air Purifier guarantees you better health as you sit for long hours in your home office without worrying about dust particles from home activities.

Air Quality Sensor

Devanti Desktop Air Purifier comes with air quality sensors that show color indicators to signify whether the air quality is fair, poor, or good. With the sensor, you are always sure of the air quality you breathe.

Auto Mode

This machine is endowed with auto and sleep modes to fit your working condition. The auto mode uses intelligent technology to monitor the air quality and automatically adjust your office air quality accordingly.

12-Hour Timer

You can also set the Devanti Desktop Air Purifier with a 12-hour timer to monitor and control air quality throughout your working hours.

Digital Control Panel

With the digital touch control panel, you can have a glance at the air quality. It also provides you with easy control of the settings for setting the timer and air flow.

Safety Child Lock

It is safe to use at home with your children since it has a safety child lock feature to prevent accidental child use, thus protecting them from harm. This feature makes it impossible for children to use the controls unintentionally. Furthermore, it has a round shape, making it safe even if children pump into it.

Quiet Operation

Devanti Desktop Air Purifier comes with HEPA Silent technology to reduce noise. Some air purifiers can be noisy and interfere with your work rather than ebbing it. This machine will purify your air to reduce the chances of asthma and promote sound sleep at night. It blends the sound of the motor and the fan to cancel noises, such as an annoying pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Devanti Desktop Air Purifier remove odors?

Yes. This machine has an activated carbon filter, which makes it effective in removing any odors in the room. To keep your working and sleeping area comfortable, smells will be eliminated from pets, smoke, food, garbage, and baby diapers. The HEPA filters are designed to remove pollutants rather than odors. Fortunately, the Devanti Desktop Air Purifier has both carbon and HEPA filters.

Can the purifier cure allergies or asthma?

No, the Devanti Purifier will not cure asthma if you already have the condition. It can prevent allergies and asthma symptoms by eliminating airborne allergens, such as dust, pollen, and animal dander. Buy Devanti Desktop Air Purifier as a preventive, not curative, measure for asthma or allergies.

How much does it cost to operate the Devanti Desktop Air Purifier?

A few factors will dictate the general operational costs. Though electricity is considered a secondary cost, the energy efficiency of the purifier will significantly contribute to operational costs. Additionally, you will be required to buy new filters occasionally, which could be after 3-5 years if you are using high-quality HEPA. Cheaper filters will require replacements more frequently, thus proving more costly in the long run.

How do I know if the purifier is working properly?

If you recognize a flare up in your allergies, it could be an indication that your air purifier is not optimal. Check the assembly for any dirt or dust particles in the pre-filter after cleaning it. If you do not recognize something obvious causing the problem, it could signify that your purifier has more technical issues that need to be addressed. Remember that the filter's lifespan varies based on where one lives and the frequency of use.

Will the Devanti Desktop Air Purifier purify air in my entire house?

This purifier covers an area of 20 meters cubic, meaning if your room or house is that capacity, it will clean the entire house. However, since most houses are bigger, you could use the purifier in your bedroom or home office where you spend long periods of time.

Can I leave my windows open in a room where the purifier is operating?

Yes, since the air purifier will clean the sir and improve its quality regardless. Nevertheless, keeping the windows and doors shut will improve the purifier's efficiency and effectiveness because the external pollutants will not be coming in.

What is the best place to position the air purifier?

We recommend placing the air purifier in a room where you spend most of your time, such as your bedroom or home office. Ensure that airflow is not obstructed from accessing the purifier for optimal results.

How often should I run the purifier?

It depends on the size of the room, with larger rooms needing an extended period to clean. A smaller room will require less time to clean. It is important to run your purifier regularly to prevent pollutants from accumulating. The Devanti Desktop Air Purifier has an accompanying air quality monitor to help you know when you should run it.

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