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Samsung QN85A NEO QLED 65” 4K TV: Experience Elite Images at a Reasonable Price

In Samsung QN85A, we witness one of the most affordable TV series of 2021 with the next generation mini-LED panel features. It delivers exciting bright pictures with the Mini-LED technology offering accurate backlight dimming for an improved contrast compared to other TVs at the same price. The TV's QLED is endowed with a quantum dot layer that enhances the screen's colors and brightness. Samsung QN85A viewing angles are relatively wider for you and your family to enjoy some good holiday movies. Gamers can also enjoy Samsung QN85A due to quick response time, low input lag, and smooth motion for an ultimate gaming experience.


Several features of this smart TV make it stand out and a delight to behold in your living room during this festive season.

Picture Quality

Samsung QN85A's backlight control overall contrast and black levels create a perfect picture display that can grab the attention of anyone. Its precise backlighting ensures that even the fine white text displayed on a black background is controlled and stable. The screen has no blooming or haloing as the white tones complement the screen's black tone, bringing picture contrast to the fore. Samsung can deliver almost all shades, including incredible textures and skin tones.

The QN85A screen can deliver detailed, deep, and wide-range of black and white tones that improves your viewing experience. With various color palettes, your viewing seems real. You can exploit the TV's intelligent picture mode or adaptive picture for a vibrant and endless variation of color performance as the pictures show better texture and improved skin tone. With Samsung QN85A NEO QLED, you can be sure that even the testing content like the HD coverage of Wimbledon by BBC One will be displayed correctly. The details of the game will remain high, and the picture contrasts wide.

Design and Display

Samsung QN85A is a relatively big 65-inch screen providing a wider view for your family and friends visiting this holiday. It has a sleek design supporting wall mounting, and a table stand to make it the center of attention in your living room. The silver edges on its four sides give it a premium look, making your living classy.

At the back of Samsung QN85A, you will find two USB ports for playing media from your storage device, four HDMI inputs, an AV port, an ethernet port, and digital optical output. This TV also has wireless connections, such as dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for stable connections and endless streaming. The wide-angle of the Samsung QN85A NEO QLED is top-notch, providing your family with a real treat. Though its screen seems bigger than the regular screens, once you are hooked, there is no reversing. Furthermore, the screen is glare-free, meaning you will not be distracted by any reflections from the TV screen as you enjoy your favorite show.

Remote Control

Samsung QN85A's remote has a sleek design with fewer buttons that you can easily master. It’s relatively light and compact, supporting a Type-C charging port. You can also charge the battery using solar power for those who have installed solar panels.


Samsung QN85A NEO QLED runs on the company’s operating system called TizenOS, which provides an easy and neat interface to use. The TV and remote have shortcuts to your popular apps, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, and Apple TV displayed on the home screen so you can quickly access them.

Samsung QN85A NEO QLED's menu is direct and precise. You can access the settings or menus without leaving the program you’re watching. In addition to Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, Samsung QN85A NEO QLED also comes with a built-in Bixby for voice control. What is more, you can enjoy the multi-view feature, allowing you to watch TV and mobile using the same screen simultaneously.

Gamers will love Samsung QN85A NEO QLED due to its gaming features like the low-latency HDR, reduced lags, and 120Hz enhancements.

Sound Quality

Samsung QN85A NEO QLED has a crisp, loud, and clear sound. The speakers give 60W sound output using Dolby 5.1 Decoder and Dolby Digital Plus. The manufacturers also included an object tracking sound feature in this TV to enhance the viewer's 3D sound experience. Additionally, Samsung has an active voice amplifier that enhances voices in every scene for a louder and clearer dialogue. The Q-symphony feature synchronizes the TV audio when paired with a soundbar for the ultimate sound experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Samsung QN85A NEO QLED TV?

You can reset your Samsung QN85A NEO QLED by following these steps:

  • Press the home button on the remote control and then select Settings.
  • Scroll downward to General found among the icons on the left side and click it. Then scroll to the bottom of the display and select Reset. You will see a pop-up requesting a pin.
  • Enter the pin and select yes, and you will have to rest the TV.

If you perform a factory reset, all the settings: picture, sound, channel menu, clock, and timer settings will revert to factory default. You will lose any changes you have made in the calibration settings, though you will keep your network settings unless you want to change them manually.

How do I charge the Samsung QN85A with solar power?

The Samsung QN85A NEO QLED's remote has a solar panel that you can use for charging the remote. The remote has additional smart features like an in-built microphone that enables the use of a voice assistant. You have two options to charge the remote:

  • Option 1: Use the solar panel
    • While it is true that you can charge your remote outdoors in the sun, you can also charge it using indoor lights. You will need to face the remote's solar panel up towards the light to charge it. You can leave it in the living room with the light on or place it close to the window to absorb natural light.
  • Option 2: Charge with USB Cable
    • You will plug the USB on one of the ports at the back of the TV, and at the other end, you plug on the remote's charging port.

Why is there an audio delay when watching a movie on my Samsung QN85A NEO QLED TV?

The apparent audio delay you may be experiencing when watching a movie could be from the video or audio source. When watching a movie from YouTube or any source, try playing it in from the source and see if the delay is there. Otherwise, you can reset the sound setting on your TV following these steps:

  • Settings
  • > Sound
  • > Expert Settings
  • > Reset Sound

How do I set Gaming Mode?

The gaming mode on Samsung QN85A NEO QLED will automatically activate upon connecting your game console device to the TV. If you connect Xbox Series X, PlayStation, or Xbox One S/X, the TV switches to Game Mode. Furthermore, you can switch to Game Mode manually through the following steps:

  1. Press the remote control’s Home button and select Settings
  2. Scroll to the General tab and select External Device Manager
  3. Highlight Game Mode and select Enter

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