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Bestway Inflatable Spa: Overview & Features

After a long day of hard work, your body is longing for some massage or hot tub experience; would it not feel great if you had a Spa at home? Worry no more; the Bestway inflated spa got you covered, providing you with all the benefits of a quality hot tub spa. With Bestway inflated spa, you can relax, lounge, and unwind with family and even with friends in the evening or on weekends after a week of hard work. The spa releases air bubbles from the bottom, creating a warm and bubbling hot tub environment, helping you relax and unwind. You will relive your body of any overwhelming anxieties, thus attaining healing of soul and mind in the bathing pool. The advanced technology in this spa leaves you a real-feal good factor. For instance, its 120 air-jet bubbles are combined with heat, giving you soothing and warm hydro-massage throughout your body. 


Why should you buy this spa for your family? We present you with exciting features that will help you not need a regular subscription to a city spa. You can have it at home for the people you love. 

Pre-tested pump and spa pool

The pump comes with a plug-in cable to power it, helping you to inflate the spa before pumping in water. The pump also has a control panel with several operational features, such as a test and the clock setting. Furthermore, the pump has an adapter A that attaches to the inflation pipe, which pushes in the air upon pressing the leisure search button. The pump's adapters are well labeled to help when connecting to the inflated spa. The pump also has the heat button and the arrow keys to help you set your desired heat temperature once you have poured in the recommended water in the spa. It also runs a water filtration system, controls the massage system, and connects the chemical dispenser, keeping the water clean and safe. 

Inflatable walls

The spa's walls are made of puncture-resistant, durable, and UV-resistant Tritech materials to ensure the spa maintains its shape and is not damaged regardless of the number of times it is deflated and inflated.

Digital display control panel

This control panel on top of the pump helps you regulate and control all functions with ease, from setting the automatic on/off to help save power to adjusting water temperature. 

Insulated floor

The insulated floor provides safety for all users. You will feel comfortable sitting on the cushioned floor as you enjoy your massage with some drinks. The cushioned floor also means that you will stay longer in the water without feeling discomfort, enabling you to unwind and relax the body. 

Easy to operate

The spa comes with an easy-to-read manual and well-labeled control panel, allowing you to set up and operate quickly. The digital controller has a power-saving timer that can automatically set the spa's temperature for 72 hours, thus saving your energy and money. 

Simple setup and Maintenance

You do not need any extra tools to set up this portable spa. The inflation instructions using the pump are clear. The cover provides extra safety and also helps to keep the water warm and prevent debris from falling into the tub. 

Build-in air-chambers

The air chambers that keep the air upon inflation helps with insulation, enabling the water to heat faster and keep its warmth, thus saving energy and power. The chambers also provide a stable cushion to lean on while sitting in the tub for the ultimate jacuzzi experience. 

Convenient drain valve

You can easily drain the water off the tub using a drain valve at the bottom of the tub. This means that all the water will come out with ease due to pressure without needing you to drain it with a container. 

The integrated water filtration system

The tub comes with a water filtration system that is connected with the pump and the tub. Its function is to filter any germs or dirt that could make the water unhealthy. 


How Do I Deflate My Bestway inflatable spa?

The first step would be to drain any water in the tub and completely unscrew the inflation valve to remove it. The spa will then start to deflate, and once the air has escaped, you can fold the spa, removing any trace of air remaining. 

Why Can't I get the Cushion to Stay at the bottom of the spa?

Bestway inflatable spa does not come with an additional inflatable cushion since its floor is already cushioned to provide the needed sitting comfort. The circular inflatable part that comes with the spa is the lid used for insulation, preventing the water from losing heat.

 Can the pump be left out in the rain?

Though the pump is waterproof, it is good to detach it from the tub if you are expecting heavy rain and bring it to the house. Machines require proper care, and elements accompanying the rain are not machine-friendly. 

How long does the water in the tub take to heat?

The duration of heating the spa is often dictated by different spas and the prevailing air temperature. On average, the pump heats the water between 1 to 1.5 degrees Celsius for one hour, meaning it could take 24 hours to heat cold water to warmth. 

Why does the water temperature fall when I am using the bubbles?

The water cools down because of the air from the Lay-Z spa massage systems. The heater is also deactivated when the Lay-Z spa massage system is on. 

What happens if the spa suffers a puncture?

You can relocate the puncture by washing up the liquid diluted in water and wetting the spa's inner surface to help you escape bubbles where the puncture is. You can buy repair purchases from Ensure you have properly cleaned and dried the place with the puncture before fixing it with a repair patch. Remember to wait for 30 minutes after fixing the puncture before re-inflating, thus allowing the adhesive to dry. 

What Chemicals Can I put in an Inflated Hot Tub?

Like a permanent hot tub, you should monitor your inflated spa’s water quality. It is important to test the water pH level on the hot tub to ensure the right alkalinity and acidity. You may add chlorine or bromine depending on the water pH level. Regular change of water is also very important to ensure safety after a few baths. 

Is Bestway Inflated Spa harmful for a Baby?

It may not be a good idea to take your baby to a hot tub; however, if you can keep water temperature down, limit the time the baby spends in spa and watch over them, then a hot tub can be okay for your children. You could use baby float so that they do not drown and drink the water. 

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