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Christmas Home Decor Ideas: How to Style Your Home for Christmas

Everybody looks forward to the holiday season. A feeling of joy and excitement fills the air, but with it comes the stress of buying gifts, decorating and styling your home to suit the long-awaited occasion. Nevertheless, proper planning can lift the burden off your shoulders in the weeks approaching, making the holiday a true festivity. Celebrating Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for families, bringing loved ones together to share in good times over a deliciously, well-cooked feast. It’s also a time to extend hospitality and have a good time reminiscing over the year's achievements. John Cootes has always shared in embracing the holiday spirit and has collected some interesting ideas to make your home stylish during this Christmas period.

Why do you decorate a Christmas tree?

The decoration of the evergreen trees during winter is a practice that started as a pagan tradition. It symbolized the presence of life in the dark, cold night of winter. However, Christians adopted this practice beginning with the Germans in the 1500s. They associated it with events that took place at Jesus' birth. Every part of the decorations adds meaning to these events. For instance, the star on the Christmas tree represents the star that led the Maggi to Bethlehem, and the silvery decorations represent the blessing brought by Jesus' birth.

Elegant Christmas tree and decorations

Nothing appeals like a breath-taking sight and focusing on your interior décor could be the first place to begin. One common feature for Christmas is the Christmas tree, and the wreath hung can be decorated depending on the family theme. Choose from several Christmas tree designs, such as Jingle Jolly inflated tree LED lights, Jingle Jolly Christmas tree decorations snow, or save on energy with the Jingle Joly Xmas Tree with multicolour optic fibre. These can be placed in the living room to bring to life the holiday mood. Additionally, you can wrap faux foliage such as ivy and holly to cover the electric wiring, creating a perfect outdoor winter element theme. You can also loop the velvet ribbon to add to the colour and secure the “aw” look.

Next, hang the Jingle jolly festoon string lights Christmas bulbs by the tree, adding to the beauty of your decorations. You can play around with visuals to make your house Christmassy and beautiful. Furthermore, you could include small glasses filled with Christmas ornaments to add to the pomp and colour.

After decorating the living room, you can now move to other places in your home. It’s easy to forget the guest rooms, kitchen, and powder rooms. Innovate by starting small, using hued throws, holiday pillows, scented candles, fun holiday towels, and glass bowls. You may use various Christmas decorations to bring back all the good memories as well as create new ones.

When should you put up Christmas decorations?

Usually, the putting up and decorating of the Christmas tree begins at the start of the advent- the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends on 24th December. In the year 2021, this date falls on 28th November. However, the recommendation from the British Christmas Tree Growers Association is that you wait until December to begin your decorations if you want a fresh look that lasts through the season. If you are not in a hurry for Christmas decorations, you could go with another tradition that advocates 12 days before the big event. This will ensure your decorations are fresh.

What do you decorate a Christmas tree with?

You can use colored LED lights, baubles, and tinsel. Others also prefer using the angel at the tree top, while some are confident the star will do the job. Of course, you will also include fancy garland, ornaments, holly, and ivy.

How to decorate a Christmas tree?

You could begin by adding lights that come hanging on white and green strands, although you can also use black strands if you have a black Christmas tree. If the light comes from inside out, your tree will look dynamic. You can also incorporate Christmas tree garland. You can neatly hang them on the tree starting from the top to prevent bulging branches. You can use various garlands ranging from plain to fancy. Finally, hang your Christmas tree ornament to crown its look. Ensure you place them in dominant positions. Evenly distribute the larger ones around the tree, then fill in the spaces with medium and small size ornaments.

How to hang Christmas decorations?

This year you could try to place your Christmas tree vertically as this will help you do lighting decoration easily without rotating the tree several times. Utilize your Christmas card in your kitchen pantry door and hang them here using a ribbon and clothespins. Do you have several stockings for decoration but lack enough hooks for hanging them? You can use a curtain rod then run it on stocking hooks. All that is left is to string your stockings on the rod.

How to put lights on a Christmas tree?

Hanging the lights on a Christmas tree can be exhausting, though it can be breathtaking when the lights are finally up. The easiest way to hang the lights on the tree could be vertical hanging since you will only need to go round the tree once, and it shines brighter.

How to decorate a small living room for Christmas?

If you have a small living room, it could be challenging to place a huge Christmas tree that could occupy the whole space. You can be creative and use DIY tricks to form a wooden rectangle or create a light string ladder. Additionally, you could shop around our shop, and you will find small-sized Christmas trees and decorations.

Why not add entryway decor ideas?

Apart from furnishing the house, you could also pay attention to your backyard and entryway. A well-thought-out decoration can give your guest a Christmassy welcome with an abundance of festive colours. From Greenery, wreaths, garlands to ornaments, you can improve your entryway visual with an unforgettable view of the occasion. Some of the décor you could use include the Inflatable Giant archway Santa Snowman light décor or the inflatable Rainbow archway Santa for larger entryways.

If your entryway is small, you still have excellent entryway options to make your home decor beautiful. With some tweaking, you can create something spectacular. For instance, you can place an inflatable Santa on Chimney at the doorway to welcome your family and friends. It has six built-in LED lights for a beautiful night view and ropes and pegs to stabilise it at the entryway. Additionally, you could collect some of your decorations and get creative with your entryway space with lighting, wreaths, and glittering ornaments.

Decorating your backyard for Christmas

Your backyard can also breathe life into your Christmas celebration with extended decorations. Good lighting can boost the holiday mood and create the elegance needed for the season. Install a garden windmill metal ornament with a weathervane to help you detect the direction of the wind. The windmill’s blades look trendy with grey colour and striking red trims to add to your decoration.

Furthermore, the LED solar-powered Christmas icicle with multicolour can also help you create a heaven-like garden during this holiday. This piece of Xmas decoration can bring your outdoor and indoor celebrations to life. The lights are built to withstand rain and snowy weather so that you won’t need to worry about strong winds or unfavourable weather conditions.

Make memories of the year with a decorative photo frame wall

Remembering the fun activities, trips, and outings you had throughout the year can be an excellent way to spend time with families and friends during this holiday. Arranging the pictures with your children could also offer you bonding moments. Our 26 pcs picture photo frame-wall set allows you to express your all-year story in every piece. This charming photo frame set enables you to grace your wall with captivating stories and fond memories to share with your family and friends. The reflection and the laughter you will experience as you share your experience will bring your family closer and more united, making you healthier and happier during this Christmas.

The holiday season, especially Christmas and New Year’s Eve, offers families and friends to celebrate a year well spent. This occasion requires careful attention; however, the sacrifice and planning that goes into making it a success will be worth it. Acquiring the best decorations will go a long way in eliciting the right mood and putting you in the right mindset. John Cootes is giving you a head start through our affordable selection of decoration products to ensure your Christmas goes as planned without a glitch. Shop with us this Christmas period and benefit from the discount and offers available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s now consider some commonly asked questions to help you set your Christmas decoration.

Where to buy Christmas decorations?

During this festive season, several online shops sell various Christmas decorations to help you create the perfect celebrations. John Cootes provides Australians with a one-stop-shop for their Christmas decorations, from Christmas trees to fancy LED lights to wreaths and much more at a discount.

When do you take Christmas decorations down?

Christmas ends on the Twelfth Night at the Eve of Epiphany, and it is at this time that you can pull down the Christmas tree and pack the décor. This date often falls on the 5th or 6th of January.

How to clean Christmas decorations?

Glass ornaments can be cleaned using spray glass cleaner on a soft cloth. If you have crystal and porcelain ornaments, you could use a feather duster and brush the surface in a downward motion. It is advisable to wear gloves when cleaning crystal decorations.

Are LED Christmas lights a fire hazard?

LED lights left overnight could heat up and cause Christmas tree fires in the past. However, the current LED lights are made a little cooler with advanced technology and do not present any fire hazards. One thing to keep in mind is the transformer, as it could overheat and cause safety issues. Therefore, turning off the LED light when headed to bed is advisable to prevent any potential overheating and fire hazards.

Are Christmas lights safe in a bedroom?

Yes, it is safe to install a Christmas light in your bedroom; however, just like with the living room, you do well to turn the lights off before bedtime. This would help prevent any potential fire hazard.

How do LED Christmas lights work?

LED Christmas lights are furnished with light-emitting diodes instead of filament. These diodes are the ones that produce light, making them durable, efficient, and long-lasting. LED lights do not burn out and become hot to touch, unlike other bulbs. Therefore, they are safer to use without fear of causing a Christmas tree fire.

How many lights for a 4 foot Christmas tree?

It is often recommended that for forever 1.5 feet of Christmas tree you use 100 lights, meaning a 4-foot tree requires 267 lights. However, if you are fascinated by the lights on your tree, you could double or triple this amount.

How to attach Christmas lights to the wall

Since you do not want to leave a hole on the wall to patch up at the end of the season, safer ways are better. You could use adhesive decorating clips stuck in places you prefer on your wall and attach the light strands there. Some people face the wall clips alternatingly for a more secure arrangement. You can also tape the light strands on the wall with transparent tape. You may need a tape after every 4 to 5 lights, depending on the weight and the complexity of your design.

How to hang Christmas lights around windows

If done correctly, the Christmas light at the window can change the house décor. Start from the highest point of your window and move downward. For every window, use 6-8 hooks with one hook in each corner and two on every side to ensure the lighting is evenly distributed. Hang the light on the hooks, sliding the bulbs on the hooks' notch.

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