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Leather sofa beds have undergone a metamorphosis in the recent past, and now they combine luxury and practicality in unprecedented ways. These leather sofa beds are no longer restricted to the visitor's bedroom; they demand a place in the pride of your palace. The Artiss 3-seater PU leather sofa bed guarantees you convenience and versatility beyond comparison. The leather sofa bed is made of premium quality leather, with long life, giving you value for your money.

The Artiss 3-seater PU leather sofa bed not only looks kingly but also has a fantastic feel that provides comfortability while sleeping on it. With this bed, you do not have to worry about buying an extra bed for your friends and guests since you can transform this stylish sofa into a bed in seconds. The craftsmanship and design of this sofa bed suit anybody with exquisite taste. The Artiss 3-seater leather bed offers more than meets the eye, as shown in its exciting features.


Sleep and Contemporary Design

This leather sofa bed has a stylish design that gives your sitting room a beautiful appeal. The sleek modern design enables Artiss 3-seater leather sofa bed to blend perfectly with your home décor.

High-Quality Material

When it comes to chairs, the quality of the material used determines its durability. The Artiss 3-seater leather sofa bed is built with quality materials to make it last longer. For instance, the chair is covered by PU leather, giving it a soft touch and is easy to clean. The thick cushion on the sitting area also gives your guests sound sleep all night and provides you with the comfort to sit daily. This chair also has strong stainless-steel legs that can carry up to 200 kg sleepers, providing you with sturdy support during sleep.

Practical and Space-Saving

The Artiss 3-seater leather sofa bed serves a dual purpose for sitting and sleeping, making it suitable for those with limited space. This sofa bed is practical for both small and big houses and can help you save money that could be used to purchase an emergency bed. Additionally, it is easy to pack up when you are moving to a new location. So, if you have a small room and are wondering where your guest could spend the night, the Artiss 3-seater leather sofa bed got you covered; you can turn your sitting coach into a cozy bed. You do not need to keep an extra guest mattress that occupies unnecessary space.

Foldable Middle Panel 

The middle backrest can be folded down to the sitting area to reveal its two cup holders. You can place your coffee or drinks on these holders as you watch television or enjoy your favorite movie from home. The Artiss 3-seater leather sofa bed also has armrest cushions that can act as armrests or a pillow while you are sleeping. Furthermore, the three adjustable backrest positions allow you to choose your preferred setting to watch TV, sleep, read, or chill with your mobile device.

Easy to Assemble

The Artiss 3-seater leather sofa bed comes in a pack with clear instructions on assembly and maintenance. It has limited parts, which makes the assembly smooth and easy to follow through. It is easy to dismantle the chair for easy carriage and quick setup while you are in your new residence if you are relocating.

Common Questions

Why should I buy a PU leather sofa bed?

A leather sofa bed gives your home a high-end look while providing you with superior comfort for sitting and sleeping all day. It is also convenient and practical because you can make it both a bed and a sofa, thus preserving your space.

What type of mattress is used in an Artiss 3-seater leather sofa bed?

The sofa bed's sitting area, backrest, and armrest are made of firm and soft memory foam. This mattress is to ensure comfortability as you sleep or sit without sinking from the weight. The seat thickness is 20 cm deep, offering you the comfort you need to sit on every day.

How do I clean my Artiss 3-seater PU leather sofa bed?

When there are spills on the sofa bed, you could use mild soap and water to clean up the mess and dry it thoroughly after cleaning. They are easy to clean, but you could also hire a professional leather cleaner to help you clean the whole piece. It is also recommended to use water and baking soda to do spot cleaning to remove any stains on your sofa.

Can you sleep on a leather sofa bed everyday?

The Artiss 3-seater leather sofa bed is made comfortable and versatile for sitting and sleeping. Some people have limited space and choose to use this bed for sleep at night and transform it into a sofa during the day. Therefore, it is possible to use it this way, though most people who purchase this sofa already have the main bed at home.

How much weight can a PU leather sofa bed hold?

The Artiss 3-seater leather sofa bed is made with strong materials, including stainless steel legs and extra comfortable cushioning that could hold a weight of up to 200 kg. It means that you can allow the guest of almost all sizes to sleep comfortably on this sofa without fear of breakage.

Can leather furniture be placed outside?

Ideally, the Artiss 3-seater leather sofa bed is crafted to remain indoors, similar to other PU leather furniture. Leather furniture is a very sensitive material that can weaken if exposed to too much sun, extremely cold weather, or other harsh outdoor conditions.

Can leather furniture make you itch?

The Artiss PU leather sofa bed is made of smooth material; therefore, it should not cause any skin itchiness unless you are allergic. Other sofa beds made of fabrics, such as wool, are more likely to cause itching than leather.

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