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Sleep & Co Hybrid Mattresses: Ultra Comfortable, Ultra Affordable.

Sleep & Co has effectively made high-quality mattresses for over 30 years, listening to customers and delivering the best mattresses. The company has a variety of mattresses to choose from that can soothe you to sleep in no time. They guarantee you a decade-long warranty period, showing their great confidence in the mattress performance. The Sleep & Co hybrid mattress contains gel foam, memory foam, and latex to provide you with an exquisite all-around experience. The mattress is in the medium range, never too soft or too firm. The support and bounce from this mattress are favorable for those having joint, hip, or back pain. So, if you are tired of the back and joint pain associated with conventional mattresses, order your Sleep & Co hybrid mattress and throw these frustrations away. Here are some of the features of these mattresses that make them stand out from the rest.

Quality Materials

The hybrid Sleep & Co mattress has pocketed springs, giving the mattress a supportive and contouring feel. The materials have gone through several refinements to produce the best hybrid and foam mattresses. The spring in the hybrid mattress works in harmony with the foam to provide a medium to hard feel for a perfect sleep. If you are searching for lasting, comfortable quality material on a mattress, look no further than Sleep & Co. The top layer has luxurious tufting, providing you with the needed comfort.

Cover Layer- the mattress top layer has fitted with a luxurious blend of cashmere fabric, offering a quality topper, plush, and a fantastic look. The density of the cashmere fabric makes it less breathable; however, the mattress remains soft and insulating. 

Layer 2- The second layer is made of natural bouncy latex, which is mildly firm, supporting the joints and ensuring that the hips do not sink too much. Side sleepers benefit greatly from Sleep & Co hybrid mattresses as it slightly sinks the rest of the body for comfortability.

Layer 3- This layer of the hybrid mattress contains gel-infused memory foam and is the comfort and cooling layer that accords you with that beautiful sinking feeling. The gel layer draws the heat out of bed, keeping it cool and ensuring you are not sweating from the heat as you sleep. 

Layer 4- Layer 4 of the Sleep & Co hybrid mattress is a loaded pocket springs system. These springs support you, preventing the sagging or dipping too far in the mattress as you sleep. They keep your back and spine is evenly supported while ensuring limited motion disturbance.


We offer you quick delivery so that you can begin using your product as early as possible within 1-4 business working days. The manual guide on how to unbox the mattress is well illustrated to help you with a quick setup.

Sleep & Co Unpacking Directions

After determining your ideal place for the bed, follow the below directions to unbox your hybrid mattress.

  • Lay the box in an open place, cut the cello tape on top of the carton and remove the mattress from the box
  • While standing at the side of the mattress, cut on the cello tape tying the mattress (NOT THE PLASTIC BAG) and allow the mattress to unroll.
  • Roll out the compressed mattress into a clean flat surface
  • Cautiously cut open the clear plastic bag along the edges, thus allowing the mattress to decompress. Remove the plastic bag.
  • Allow the mattress to fully expand within 24 hours on a smooth rigid place like a slat bed or box base. 


This quality mattress ranges in size and is pocket-friendly, with prices ranging from just $499 to $1249 depending on the make, size, and number of springs. Take, for example, Sleep & Co hybrid single mattress, with the dimensions of 92 x188x31cm and 1081 pocket springs; it only costs you $499. The luxurious Sleep & Co hybrid king mattress has 183 x 203 x 31 cm and 2250 springs and costs $1,249. You can be certain of quality sleep without worrying about a deep hole left in your pocket.

Additionally, it is easy to order these mattresses through our website cart without walking from store to store searching for quality sleeping mattresses. With a click of a button, you can choose the size and the type of Sleep & Co mattress of your choice. You can be certain that this mattress will sort your need respective of your age or health problems.  

Overall Experience

Generally, customers of Sleep & Co have but praise for these mattresses. Through various reviews, many customers show that the mattress provides ideal support and comfortability. Many customers also agree that the Sleep & Co hybrid mattress is stable and does not move too much as you get in out of bed. Several customers also loved the quality of the material, responsiveness, and squeak-free springs within the mattress. 

Firmness and Support- The hybrid mattress range from medium to firm, giving you the needed support and moderate sinkage. The plush material in the hybrid mattress makes it a little softer, and the top layer fabric gives it a luxurious touch. Side sleepers often find the Sleep & Co more comfortable, but back and stomach sleepers will enjoy the firmer memory foam. 

Keeping cool- Sleep & Co hybrid mattress can fit all climates and weather. The gel and latex memory foam is designed to absorb and expel excess heat from the bed, colling sleepers to enable them to enjoy rest without heat interruptions. Additionally, the pocket spring on the hybrid mattress is ideal for hot summer as they are less dense and contain much air space for ventilation. 

Can I contact you for support after Purchase?

Yes, you can; our customer support team is ready to listen to you during business hours. Sleep & Co gives you a 90 night return period that shows the level of their products. Having a problem with the mattress, feel free to reach us on the contact numbers and support email on the website.

What are the terms of the warranty?

Sleep & Co offers you a 10-year warranty for their products, including the hybrid mattress. However, to qualify for warranty coverage, you should be an original purchaser. If you buy a second-hand mattress, you can not use the warranty window.

What is the Exchange, Return, and Refund policy?

Sleep & Co offers you money back for their products. However, the three-month money-back policy does not apply for products on sale, discounted, or bought using a coupon. Otherwise, you will qualify for a full refund. Additionally, you can exchange what you bought for another product. You do well to keep proof of Purchase since the company will need it should you opt to return the product. 

What is the difference between Sleep & Co hybrid mattress and the regular foam mattress?

One of the major differences is that the hybrid mattress has inner springs system that boasts over 1800 pocket springs. The pocket springs provide full body and spine support, prevent partner disturbance, and enhance support. 


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