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Artiss Bed Frame: A Perfect Dress-Up for Your Bedroom

Many people pay attention to their living rooms, ensuring the décor matches the furniture for a perfect look and comfortability. Rare focus is given to the bedroom where you spend most of the time coming from work. Your choice of a bed frame heightens your bed's perfection. Artiss's bed frame has yours back in, providing you with a classy yet affordable bed frame that can last longer and provide comfortable sleep. The bed frames from Artiss will give your bedroom an exquisite modern touch that fits well with your bedroom décor, thus providing elegance and fulfilling your need for a sturdy bed.

What is more, Artiss provides a range of bed sizes and designs that you can choose from depending on your taste. All the bed frames are quality and durable yet pocket-friendly. For example, the Artiss Avio double 4-drawer bed frame is a stylish bed frame that comes with an underneath four drawers that you can use to keep personal essentials, seasonal linen, and beddings. These bed frames are oozing with sophistication and elegance all around.


Range of Beds

Artiss provides a range of bed frames to choose from that suit the needs of your family. The sizes range from queen to King size bed frames that could fit your bedroom size, providing the needed elegance and style. They come in different colors that would fit any wall paint. These bed frames differ in features and sizes for you and your children’s needs. The wide range of Artiss beds come with varied prices, allowing you to decide what fits your need and your budget, thus ensuring you are comfortable throughout the night and have fewer holes in your pocket.

Study Frame

The function of a bed frame is to provide support to your mattress, hence the need for a sturdy system. The artiss bed frames are suited with strong slats that do not bend easily, providing lasting support to your mattress without fear of breakage. Larger beds like Artiss avio are fitted with additional sturdy steel frame and strong center support beams that provide the needed stability and support for your mattress as you sleep.

Strong Base for Support

The bed also comes with a durable plywood slatted base that rests on angled brackets of the bed, thus providing study support for young and old alike. The plywood made from strong pine wood assures durability. Artiss bed frames with closely spaced wood slats provide reliable support to your memory foam, latex, spring, or hybrid mattress.

Cover Material 

Artis bed frames are beautifully covered with upholstered premium linen fabric and generous foam, providing your bedroom with an elegant look. The headboard is made comfortable with breathable faux-linen fabric that you can rest your back on while sitting on the bed, besides providing a classy look to the bedroom.

Storage Functions

The Artiss Tiyo gas lift bed frame has a lift-up bed base that provides you with ample storage space under the slat base. With the gas lift system and hand strap, you can effortlessly lift the bed and store things you wish to hide for later usage. Extra bedding essentials can be stored here for easy access when needed. The Artiss avio double 4-drawer bed frame is a stylish bed frame that also comes with underneath four drawers that you can use to keep personal essentials, seasonal linen, and beddings.

Easy to Assemble

Artiss beds frames are accompanied with clear manuals that provide tutorials on how to assemble the bed. It takes a short time to perfectly put together your bed with metal reinforcements that easily fit in their positions. The instructions are easy to read and to follow for quick single-handed assembly.

Common Questions

What type of mattress foundation is good for me? 

Mattress foundation is the base where the mattress lies. Bed frame base can either be a wooden slat platform, box spring, or solid base, designed to provide support by ensuring the mattress doesn't slide, sink or sag as you sleep. The foundation suitable for you depends on the type and quality of mattress you have. The Artis mattress often has closely fixed wooden slats that provide your mattress with the needed support system for your spine and back.

What is the best bed for storage? 

The Artiss tiyo gas lift bed frame is one of the best storage beds, providing ample space at the base to keep your belongings or beddings you do not need for future use. Additionally, the Artiss avio double 4-drawer bed frame also has four large drawers at the side and the feet of the bed for storing personal belongings, pillows, and beddings you intend to use in the future.

Which bed best suits my confined space?

Before buying a bed, you do well to consider the space you want to put it. If you have limited space, you may consider buying a bed with storage capacity to save space for wardrobes or chest drawers. Some Artiss beds have storage capacity that eliminates the need for exterior storage since you can keep your things under the bed. You could also choose to buy Artiss single or a double bed that occupies smaller spaces.

What is the difference between metal and wooden bed frames?

Artiss have both metal and wooden bed frames to cater for varying needs of customers. The metal frames last longer than the wooden frame; however, the wooden frames provide a more elegant and classy look with more features than the metal beds. The choice, though, boils down to what excites you and falls within your budget. Wooden and metal frames provide you with a sturdy frame. Most wood is made with a more modern and contemporary look.

Do I choose slatted or plywood base?

Making a decision of the suitable base style for your bed is as valuable as choosing your beddings, mattress, and duvets. The base of the bed can affect the way you sleep and the durability of your mattress. The slatted base provides you with the needed support; however, if the slats are not close, they are not well suited for some types of mattresses, such as solid memory foam mattresses. Though offering uniform support, plywood base can make the soft mattresses firm, thus becoming less comfortable.

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