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Samsung M7 Wireless Multiroom Speaker: Everything You Need To Know

Samsung M7 wireless multiroom speaker is a self-powered triangular-shaped speaker with outstanding features. These features include internet radio, built-in wi-fi, near-field communication, Bluetooth, and a multiroom system.


You can stream music from Samsung M7 via wi-fi or Bluetooth. It is easy to pair your smartphone with the speaker using Bluetooth; however, setting up a wi-fi network connection can be a little challenging. The multiroom apps of this speaker allow you to control all the speakers connected to the home network. Though not the slickest design, it enables users to flip between inputs, allowing you to stream from different devices, select a streaming service, or browse through internet radio stations. The multiroom feature lets you play different songs from each speaker or group the speakers to play the same song at go. However, Samsung M7 cannot create a music playlist from your tablet or smartphone music app; you should create the playlist. 

Set up

You set up Samsung M7 speakers to your home network using various ways. You could plug the M7 speaker directly into the router using a cabled ethernet connection. Since it is wi-fi enabled, you can also use a wi-fi set up, connecting the speakers with your smartphone. Additionally, you could buy a separate Hub and connect it to the router to allow you to build a multiroom system by adding speakers to the Hub. The process can be frustrating as M7 takes a long time connecting to a network using wi-fi or ethernet. 


Though the setup is exhaustive, once it is complete, the sound is pretty comfortable. THE Samsung M7 wireless speaker provides a big and loud sound that the audience can enjoy in a large listening room. You will get a rich bass sound that is moderate yet pleasurable. Though M7 lacks absolute preciseness, the sound from the speaker is comfortable to listen to. It provides hardness on its top-end curbs, helping with bright recordings and low-resolution music. It has an awesome vocal delivery in its midrange volume with an excellent delivery of emotions. 

Build & Design

 Samsung M7 wireless multiroom speaker is a solid design with curved edges and a sleek finish. At the rear, it has panel connections under its plastic cover for fitting power cables. The triangular shape of the speaker allows you to place the speaker horizontally at a corner or vertically, using its stand. Horizontally placing the speaker is recommended since its top panel has small touch-sensitive icons and provides enhanced sound at this position. The touch icons are used for internet radio, TV SoundConnect to allow you to connect to compatible Samsung TVs, and Bluetooth pairing. M7 speakers do not have a physical power button but have responsive and elegant icons. 


The Samsung M7 speaker has some adorable features, including Bluetooth, enabling users to stream music from their tablet or smartphone easily. With Bluetooth, you can play music from Spotify, and you don't need to have Samsung's Multiroom app since you can use your smartphone's music app with a playlist to enjoy your music.

The wi-fi connectivity provides a longer range than Bluetooth, and you can stream music or movies from your laptops with DLNA compatibility. However, your device (smartphone, laptop, or NAS) needs to be connected to the network you are using with M7 speakers for you to change the volume and songs played.  The internet radio enables you to have various selection stations to choose from. The 3.5mm input plug-in ports allow you to play music from a music player that is not compatible with wi-fi or Bluetooth. 


The set up of Samsung M7 wireless multiroom speakers can be a daunting task; however, once the music is set, the comforting sound will soothe your frustration away. It is relatively cheap, considering its wide range of wireless speakers. With the improvement in M7 set up, the addition of the "family sound" feature, and creation of a consistent speaker range by Samsung could provide serious competition to Sonos speakers If you need a speaker that allows you to play different music in different rooms, giving you comforting mid-range sound. Samsung M7 wireless multiroom speaker is your go-to speaker. 

Can you connect two or more Samsung M7 devices without a hub?

Yes, you can connect two or more Samsung M7 without using a hub because the speakers have built-in wi-fi. Once your wi-fi router is on and the speakers are powered, you can press the wi-fi button on the speakers for pairing. However, you should ensure the router has an internet connection, downloaded the multiroom app, and the distance between the speakers and the devices has less interference. The Hub often helps reduce the disruption caused by the distance between the connecting devices and provides stable connectivity. 



Is Samsung M7 compatible with Smart Things?

Yes, the SmartThings app is integrated to connect to Samsung multiroom audio systems, including Samsung Wireless Audio Radiant 360 (WAM7500), Samsung M7 Wireless Audio Speaker, Samsung M3 Wireless Audio Speaker, Samsung M5 Wireless Audio Speaker, Samsung HW-H750 Wireless Audio Soundbar, and Samsung HW-J7500 Wireless Multiroom Curved Soundbar w/ Wireless Subwoofer.

How do I connect older Samsung TV series such as Samsung TV UN55C9000 with Samsung M7 wireless multiroom speakers?

Some have bought Samsung hubs to connect these two devices, which is great; however, you will need Link Mate as part of the Hub to help you with the connection. The older C-series were produced before Bluetooth was incorporated in TV production, and the Link Mate will act as a bridge and Bluetooth to help you connect and manage the audio. The Link Mate comes with clear instructions to help you set up Samsung M7 wireless multiroom speakers with Samsung TV UN55C9000 or any other C-series.

Is it possible to set multiple shape speakers as home theater sound for my Samsung TV (UN55C900) with five speakers?

Yes, connecting a five-speaker surround system with the Samsung M7 shape speakers and the Hub is possible. Interestingly, you can also assign different audio signals in separate rooms and control each speaker using your tablet or smartphone. Additional information on how this can be done is found in the support section of the website. Alternatively, the Samsung customer care center can offer you live help should you face any challenges while setting up. 

What voltage do Samsung M7 wireless multiroom speakers use?

The system is designed to use 110v, meaning that power voltage is greater than this could damage your device. If you reside in a country where you use high power output, you will need a converter to step down the voltage to 110v for your use. 

Can I have two speakers playing the same thing in different rooms simultaneously with Samsung M7 wireless?

Yes, you can, and that is why it is called multiroom speakers audio system. The Samsung multiroom app will enable you to group the speakers and control what each group plays. You could also choose to combine the speakers in different rooms to play one music. 

Can I set multiple Samsung M7 speakers as stereo speakers for my Samsung TV?

Yes, you can achieve this using Bluetooth. With a good arrangement of the speakers, you can get quality stereo separation, and you do not need speaker cables to separate them since they are wireless. As long as the speakers are powered, you can move them as and when you like. The only downside is that if you set a stereo in one room having two speakers and intend to play the same music in other speakers in the other rooms, you will need to "Exit" the surround mode on the app. 

If I have an iPhone, will I use Samsung M7 speakers as Bluetooth speakers to pair a Bluetooth headset?

Press the Bluetooth button found on the M7 speaker, and it will give you a signal ready to pair. You can now stream sound from your TV or connect with the Samsung smart hub on your iPhone using sound share or Samsung smart connect. Remember that the Bluetooth implementation on Samsung TVs starts from the 2014 models and above. Another thing to remember is that Bluetooth lacks a hi-fi connection; therefore, the streaming sound may not be as efficient as using wi-fi. 

How do I pair the speakers with the soundbars?

First, you should remember that the 2014 Samsung TVs only support TV SoundConnect devices and SoundShare devices from 2014, unless your Samsung soundbar is from 2015 or later years. If that is the case, then to pair speakers with soundbars follows these steps:

Open Settings on your TV's menu> go-to sound>speaker settings> turn on Add new device>select Bluetooth and begin pairing> select Samsung audio device list>select the device you want to pair.

Can I use Samsung M7 Wireless Multiroom Speakers and Multiroom App without Samsung Multiroom Hub?

It is possible to do that; however, we recommend using the Hub to enhance the multiroom audio experience. The Samsung Multiroom Hub gives the Samsung speakers a dedicated network, providing a more stable wireless audio experience for large homes with restricted wi-fi connectivity. The Samsung Multiroom Hub can transcend home network barriers, such as thick walls, floor numbers, the distance between speakers, and router strength, thus providing a reliable audio experience. 

What is the Samsung Multiroom system, and how is it used?

It is a Samsung app that can be downloaded into your smartphone and used to control the Samsung M7 speaker in any room in the house. The system connects to the home wi-fi, linking the speakers together, giving you full control of the speakers from your smartphone. You could play different songs from different speakers, creating a stereo system for a pleasant audio experience.

How do I add a Samsung M7 Wireless speaker to a Multiroom System?

The first step would be to plug the speaker you intend to connect into a power socket. You will then tap on Samsung's multiroom app on your tablet. 

Now tap on the three lines on the top corner and click on more.

 Then click on add new speaker, and you will see the option of adding a new speaker, tap on the option and add the speaker of your choice. Ensure that the speaker is plugged on power and is within wi-fi range and tap yes.

This paper has considered the reviews and features of Samsung M7 wireless multiroom speakers, highlighting their beauties and fragilities. This information can help you make an informed choice of a sound system that resounds to your needs. We have also highlighted some of the questions tasked by customers and users to give your insight on how you can go about potential hurdles in enjoying your multiroom sound experience. 


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