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"Samsung 55" 8000 Review: High Quality & Affordable"

The crystal “55” 8000 TV Series provides a perfect balance of price and technology. With just $1200, you can acquire a television with fantastic features and improved performance than earlier series. It has a minimalist design and is easier to use, with a voice assistant making it classy TV in your house. The screen size 55 inches LCD is a reasonable size that can fit in a limited space. Though it has black plastic on the back, stands, and bezels, it still looks stylish and well-built for its price. With a rectangular baseline, you can easily place it on its furniture without the fear of a fall. 

The picture display of the “55” 8000 series is better for its price. However, its default settings may need some adjusting to get improved pictures. The brightness of this series is not up to par, meaning you will still want more, especially when displaying dark scenes in a well-lit room. Its voice assistant performs well in dark rooms, though it does not perform like the Neo QLED series in well-lit rooms because it lacks dimming features. Nevertheless, Samsung “55” 8000 series is an excellent TV for watching movies, sports, and TV shows due to its native contrast ratio and reflection handling. It allows you to upscale the resolutions without any problems. 

What is the difference between Samsung 55” series 8 and Samsung 55” series 7? 

Series 8 has an improved refresh rate than series 7. Series 8 is endowed with a 120MHZ refresh rate, giving True Motion (TM) of 240, while series 7 has a TM of 120. Refresh rate helps in fast action videos without blurring or shadowing. Gamers and lovers of sports have a better viewership with series 8 than series 7 because of better picture quality.

What is the distance between the legs/stands? They have provided the stand size, but not the distance between them.

The distance between the stands of 55” 8000 TV series is 42.31 inches at the widest. However, they also angle out at the back and in front to allow you your TV at a smaller distance than that.

What are the dimensions of the TV?

The height of the TV with the stand on is 30.6 inches, the width is 48.7 inches, the depth of the design with the stand is 9.3 inches, and it weighs 43 pounds. However, with the stand, the measurements will be as follows: height 28.1 inches, depth 2.3 inches, and 42.1 pounds. 

What does HDR mean on Tv?

This acronym stands for High Dynamic Range, and it is one of the greatest strengths of 4K TVs, such as the 55" 8000 TV series. This term is borrowed from photography, referring to a heightening picture dynamic range- contrasting darkest blacks and brightest whites. HDR enhances the color and details as portrayed in current films for your enjoyment. 

Is this Samsung TV a 2019 model, and can it support 3D technology?

Yes, it is a 2019 model; however, it does not support 3D technology like the older models. This technology is removed from the later version as the glasses are cumbersome, and the programming is not suitable for this classy television.

Why are the pictures of this TV looking cloudy on the angle, only giving a clear picture while standing directly in front of it? 

The best way to watch a movie or see pictures is straight on since it has a VA panel system with no dimming features. However, you can improve your picture and video quality if you play those with high definition.

Can the Samsung 8000 series be mounted on a swivel arm wall bracket?

Yes, Samsung sells Slim Fit Wall-Mount equipment that can help you hang your TV beautifully on the wall with minimal space left in between. The 8 series models come with a standard hole for mounting with the manual showing what length of bolt is needed.

Does this tv have a voice assistant?

Yes, the Samsung 8 series has multiple voice assistants, allowing you to access various content, search, schedule recordings, connect with compatible devices in your home, and control the tv using your voice. All these features are made possible with its easy-to-use remote. 

Can I connect it to a VCR?

The TV features allow only digital connections, meaning that A/V connections are unsupported. However, you can connect devices that utilize USB, HDMI, or RF Antenna.

Is it good for gaming?

Samsung 8 TV series is a budget/entry-level TV. Nevertheless, it can support your gaming, movies, and streaming, though not at the top-level features like 120fps gaming.

Does it have apple home kit, google, or Alexa?

Samsung 8 tv series comes with an in-built Amazon Alexa, meaning that by your voice command, you can request Alexa to play music, open apps, change channels, search for shows and movies and control your home devices. Additionally, you can use the tv's remote to communicate with Alexa, thus protecting your privacy. The 8 series is compatible with home kit technology, enabling you to control your TV using the Home app or Siri. 

Can I match the universal remote with Samsung 8 TV Series?

The universal remote, also called Multi-Brand Remote (MBR) control, is one in all remote that performs all the functions of the other remotes. You can connect your TV with this remote to enable you to use only one remote rather than switching from one remote to the other for different functions. The Samsung universal remote can help you control all other external devices, such as game consoles, home theater, and Blue-ray players. You will follow the steps on the screen display to set up MBR with your new TV before it becomes fully operational. 

Does Samsung 8 series have a Bluetooth connection?

Most smart Samsung TVs have Bluetooth capabilities, meaning you can wirelessly connect your TV to headphones, speakers, hearing aids, and other home devices that are Bluetooth enabled. For example, if you have a Bluetooth soundbar, you can connect it to Samsung 8 TV series to optimize your enjoyment of a movie or connect your headsets for private screening. Interestingly, you can also pair gamepads and keyboards to improve your search for movies or shows. 

Does the Samsung 8000 TV series have multi audio output?

The TV design comes with several outputs for optical cables, HDMI, and RCA-style connectors, which you can utilize to connect to external speakers, soundbars, and other devices. Samsung's ability to connect to several output audios allows you to enjoy the sound from the TV through Bluetooth earbuds even if you are not in the same room as the TV. 

What is the difference between 8 series and 7 series?

One major difference is that 8 series have a voice-activated remote, while 7 series does not have this ability. It means that with 8 series, you can change channels, search for apps and programs, and even ask for weather status through voice commands instead of pushing buttons. Samsung 8 series is also superior to 7 series as it has an ambient mode, enabling you to match the display of your TV screen with the wall color.

This paper has explained some of the exciting features of the Samsung 55" 8000 TV series, giving you its strength and some weakness. The question-and-answer section has covered some of the commonly asked questions buy buyers that you could be having too. We hope this information is relevant to help you a purchase decision.


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