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Sofa Beds

Our exclusive range of designs are able to complement any living space. Covering a wide range of quality pieces, our inspiring sofa bed futon selection will definitely fit your particular taste.

Shop Sofa Beds & Futons Australia

Your home should reflect your own unique style. That is why at John Cootes furniture, we take the time to truly understand what your style is. Being an Australian owned business, we recognise the factors involved with furniture decisions. Each piece of furniture tells a story, which is why these choices are truly important to us.

Whether you are after a traditional sofa lounge futon or a fresher and more modern sofa, know that we have just the right piece for you and your home. John Cootes furniture have designed some of the finest pieces, and we pride ourselves in bringing comfort and support to you, your friends and your family.

Stay snug and cosy with our sofa lounge futons as they offer extreme comfort, support and style. The most prominent feature of a sofa lounge futon is the practicality. Being able to fold out to become a bed is an incredible bonus and saves you from making up the guest bedroom for your guests staying over.

Our quality is unmatched. Our sofa lounge futons are curated from the highest quality materials as they are truly made to last. At John Cootes, we take our customer service very seriously as we pride ourselves with excellence.

A sofa lounge futon may just be the right lounge to fit into your home.