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Are you a serious gamer who is frustrated by chairs that become uncomfortable within minutes of seating? Such chairs can interfere with your concentration as your back and neck start to ache before even the first game is complete. Artiss gaming chair has your back to help you enjoy gaming, long hour video editing, or office work, keeping as comfortable as possible for long hours. The chairs are made following the model of the bucket seats of racing cars, meaning they are designed to enable gamers to enjoy gaming sessions for hours without body aches. Though these chairs offer you lumbar and back support with adjustment for enhanced comfort, they are affordable.

Furthermore, with the continued threat of COVID-19 and many people working from home, Artiss gaming chair can be a nice fit for your home office seat. Therefore, this chair can serve both purposes that after long hours in the home office, you can still use the same comfortable chair for gaming in the evenings or weekends. With the Artiss gaming chair, you not only save money but also save your back, shoulder, and neck from aches due to inappropriate chairs.


Easy to Assemble

The chair comes in a box unassembled and will require you to put it up before using it. It comes with an easy-to-read manual with clear pictorial illustrations, providing step-by-step instruction on perfect assembly. It takes approximately 60 minutes to get it ready for gaming or office work.

Metal Construction

The material used is all-metal with no plastic elements. This makes the chair durable and supportive of larger weights. The metallic build also helps with chair stability as you move or sit on it for hours. The shoulder and armrest are firm, sturdy, and comfortable, making it feel like a warm hug from the back.

Quality PU Leather Cover

The entire exterior of the Artiss gaming chair is covered in PU leather, making it durable, soft, and long-lasting. The seating area also has high-density foam which provides additional comfort for serious gamers. Additionally, the chair comes with soft cushions that support the neck, head, back, and lumbar, thus preventing any aches from long sitting periods. These support cushions are removable, meaning you can get them out when you don't need them.

Gas Lift 

The Artiss gaming chair has an adjustable gas lift that supports up to 150 kg and a 7cm upward and downward lift. Additionally, it has an adjustable and lockable recliner that enables you to adjust the chair's backward movements to a 180 degrees flat position. The chair also has a footrest that you can pull out for resting your legs when playing, working, or resting. With the footrest and backward adjustment, you can make the chair a resting bed for napping when you are tired.

Array of Color Themes

The Artiss gaming chair is not just about providing comfort; they also have a unique sporty look with various colors. This provides a classic eye-catching appearance for office and gaming chairs to choose from. The range of colors provides customers with a variety that fits your gaming or office décor. The Artiss gaming office chair RGB LED lights have a built-in 7-color lighting strip that you can customize with a remote control that can perfectly blend with your gaming keyboard and mouse.

Common Questions

How much does an Artiss gaming chair cost?

The prices depend on the different functions and features of the chair. The prices range from $190 to $374.95 here at, with the Artiss gaming office RGB LED lights costing higher than others due to its advanced features of customized LED lighting. With Artiss gaming chairs, you are guaranteed comfortability at a pocket-friendly price.

Can children use the Artiss gaming chair?

Though most gaming chairs are designed for grown-ups, Artiss gaming chairs have height adjustments that can reduce the chair's height, providing support for children. The height-adjustable arms are below the chair and smooth, easy locking and unlocking by your child.

What are the benefits of gaming chairs over other ergonomic chairs?

Gaming chairs provide enhanced ergonomic features, such as backrest cushions, armrest, and it’s an adjustable seat, thus perfectly working against gravity while you are sitting. As you compute for long hours, other ergonomic chairs become uncomfortable. However, gaming chairs ensure your spine is supported to prevent injuries and body aches. Additional features such as a comfortable sitting area and LED lighting system also put gaming chairs above other office chairs.

Can Artiss gaming chair enhance your gameplay?

With the right headphones, the Artiss gaming chair provides you with sitting comfort and a sturdy hold of your body that enhances concentration. The gaming chair helps you relax, which improves your gaming besides practicing hours you spent mastering a game.

Can a gaming chair improve my health?

Apart from comfort, the Artiss gaming chair supports the health of your neck, lower back, and spine during gaming or office work. Chairs that do not allow you comfortably and provide lumbar support could result in long-term back health issues. The gaming chair prevents these health problems from developing in the future.

What is the difference between a console chair and a PC chair?

These two chairs differ in design and dimension. The PC gaming chair has an office chair design with smaller dimensions, thus suitable for those with limited space. However, the Console gaming chair has large dimensions, taking up large floor space, and is bulky. They are often found in entertainment rooms or houses where space isn't a problem.

What is waterfall design?

These are comfortable designs that are focused on a healthy lifestyle. The waterfall design keeps your spine comfortably erect due to its adjustment features; thus, they are suitable for long office sitting and gaming. These chairs also have special features, such as a swivel base and varying heights, though these features are available in the Console gaming chair too. Waterfall design accommodates all body sizes, sloping downward to help relieve tension behind your knees.

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