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GIANTZ Chainsaw Sharpener Chain Saw Electric Grinder Bench Tool

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For cutting edge performance consistently with your chainsaw, you need our Giantz Electric Chainsaw Sharpener. Designed to sharpen even the bluntest of chains with both precision and ease, our sharpener offers a high level of sharpening with continual accuracy. Just set the required grinding angle and you can cycle through the chain with the same razor sharp finish with each tooth ground to the precise angle and depth. Powered by a 230W induction motor, the aluminium body sharpener runs efficiently, effectively and quietly. Its quick-lock chain clamping system ensures that the chain is always held in the correct position for sharpening. Better still, an exceptional stainless steel spring protection prevents any over-grinding of the tooth and damage to the chain. The sharpener comes with a measuring chain template and a dressing stone, four grinding wheels and mounting bolts are also provided.


Bench top mount

Sturdy aluminium body

Adjustment scale

4 x grinding wheel

Enhanced motor

Quick-lock clamping system

Solid chain vice

Chain template Included

Dressing stone included

Mounting bolt included

Exceptional stainless steel spring protection design

Spare parts available


Volt/Frequency: 240V/50HZ

Input power: 85W

Max. speed: 5500rpm

Arbor 7/8"(23mm)

Includes 4-1/4"x1/8"(108mm x 3.2mm) grinding wheel

Package Content

1 x Chainsaw sharpener

4 x Grinding discs

1 x Manual