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One Seater Armchairs

That one classic essential in every household. A one seater armchair is a timeless piece that truly makes a house a home. The right one seater armchair can genuinely bring you peace and comfort, especially after a long day out.

Shop 1 Seater Sofa Lounge (Armchair) Australia

Our exclusive range of one seater armchairs are one of our most popular categories. Our collection comes in plenty of sizes, colours and textures to ensure each of our customers find exactly what they are looking for. Their design not only focuses on aesthetic, but more importantly comfort level as well.

The perfect addition to any room, a one seater armchair can be the finishing touch to add character and style. Not only can it be used in a living room, it can also be placed in a master bedroom or in a study to create a cosy escape.

Whether you are after a luxurious piece to stand out or a subtle piece to give your home an inviting vibe, you cannot go wrong with a one seater armchair. With plush and snug cushioning, feel supported yet comfortable in this armchair.

Made from only the highest quality of materials and fabrics, our one seater armchairs are made with the utmost care as we take pride in excellence. Being Australian owned and with over 40 years in the industry, we value our customers and make sure they are 100% satisfied with their furniture decisions.